The new timer for physiotherapists and athletes

Designed and made in France 

Toucan is the clock for your movements. It guides the patient during rehabilitation. It stimulates the training.

Inspired by the swimming pool clock, Toucan has been designed to facilitate rehabilitation or training. In use, it improves the efficiency of the session. Toucan materialize the alternation of effort and rest time. Four times in four circles of stimulating colors, like the Central American hulled Toucan's beak. Its use is natural and intuitive. There's no button or alarm, none setting is to be set. Toucan is available at any time. It exists in the form of a wall clock,  or in the form of a chronometer that can be brought everywhere. It allows you to be more focused on the most important element of the session: movement.

Toucan Mini

The timer that will accompany you everywhere during rehabilitation or training.
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Toucan Maxi

The collective wall clock for patients or customers.
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