Like the conductor's wand, the second hand gives the tempo. The movement starts when it enters into the colored area chosen for your exercise. You will be sure to keep the right rhythm with simplicity.

For the physiotherapist and sports coach Toucan becomes your assistant.
You will be more available to stimulate or correct your patient's or student's mistakes.
When the patient works independently, he will perform his movements with more attention. The session will gain in intensity.
You can vary to make your muscle goals coincide with the color circle you will are working on. Muscle strengthening becomes simple: strength on orange time, volume on blue, explosive or fractional on red, endurance on green.


Musculo-tendinous stretching can be done on the blue or green circle and alternately on the red circle.
Proprioception and balance exercises can be done on the orange, blue or green circle depending on each person's performance. Ready for challenge !
Are  you preparing for a competition ? Work your favorite exercises in splits by working on the color red.
Board, squat, berpeez, rowing machine, skipping rope, pump, Toucan adapts to many exercises. Attendance and regularity are essential in sport.
At home Toucan is the little extra that will help you stay in shape or exceed your limits.
You can even create your HIIT sequence. Focus on the green circle et voila!

Toucan Mini

The timer that will accompany you everywhere during rehabilitation or training.

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Toucan Maxi

The collective wall clock for  patients or  customers.
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